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Present Day Falcon Technology:

FALCON TECHNOLOGY continues to be a proudly family-run business established in 1991. The HQ is Warrington near Manchester where FALCON design build and install camping equipment.  The founder Chris Williams educated & experienced in Electronics and installation now Managing Director still to this day overlook’s the design and installation.


To date FALCON have trained over 120 FALCON mobile engineers through the UK offering a mobile service in the installation of FALCON technology.  FALCON is the biggest one stop brand of Camping technology in the UK.


FALCON attended TRADE events like the Dusseldorf Caravan salon and many such events from as early as 2010.  This gain a better understanding of what the camping customer was looking for their camping adventure.


FALCON design Technology around those needs and then build at the HQ in Warrington supplying the largest retailers in the UK and are now the market leader in camping technology.


FALCON have formed partnerships also in Europe with Easy find and have established supply chains through some of the biggest names in Europe like Fritz Berger.


We are very proud of what we do for our customers to give them the technology they enjoy in their home but now in their mobile home.


Our new offices in Dublin have opened opportunities not just in Southern Ireland but also allow us to work with Europe with much less complications due to Brexit.


Falcon technology


Our technology is key in enabling the camping and motor home enthusiast clientele with solar and off-grid solutions and 4G/5G connectivity.  Camping TV giving entertainment with great picture sound options and every means of service, being Satellite or Terrestrial, SMART TV options and a DVD just in case there is no signal.   Getting around Europe has never been easier with the Falcon 7” Satellite Navigation system which enables you to input the HxWxD of your vehicle before travel, to avoid high restricted roads. 


Falcon Technology continues to attend trade shows, where our customers can interact with new technology and better understand the options available.  Come and find us at the show and let us show you our technology which we feel will make your Life easy when camping.

History of Falcon Technology:

Falcon Technology has been established in 1991, initially starting a business in the domestic and commercial security market installing alarms and CCTV we moved on to incorporate vehicle security in 1994 which eventually culminated in us producing our range of security products which went on to win many industry awards.


In 2007 FALCON looked at new opportunities keeping within the automotive electronics industry and moved from cars to motorhomes and then included caravans.


Camping was always a family passion for Chris and his family, who decided to work to live and enjoy their passion rather than live to work.


Chris, Colett,e Joseph, and Mathew Williams moved their operation & home from Warrington to Hill Farm in Dutton near Warrington.  Hill Farm is now the HQ of FALCON, workshops, offices, production, storage packing distribution and installation take place.  FALCON have included a camp site for those wishing to visit FALCON for installation work.  Watch the video and see what a lovely setting where FALCON is located and what it has to offer.


FALCON are famous for hands on design & installation still to this day 31 years later installing the equipment we design & build is important to giving first-hand experience the installation of our products.


FALCON design and produce the Falcon Navigator motorhome and caravan sat nav systems, giving you peace of mind when driving your large vehicle avoiding low bridges and narrow lanes.


The Falcon range of Camping Television packed with great viewing angles and 5.1 BT delivering great picture and sound.   QuickSAT a portable satellite systems with Easyfind delivering easy set up, 

FALCON boosted internet system FALCON EVO, FALCON DTV as well as the portable DIY range with 4 or 5G versions available.  Solar system’s with Lithium batteries and OFF grid electric keeping our customer OFF Grid but enjoying power like being ON GRID.



Falcon Technology Designs, manufactures and assembles our products in the UK, allowing the quality control to be inhouse assuring our customers of 100% satisfaction. 


FALCON is a family operation in every way our staff here are part of that family we work to live and serve you our customers in the best way we know how. 


Life made easy! By FALCON